What is the Shinya Biozyme ?

The Shinya Biozyme is a new way of eating and living that can make you healthy and keep you healthy with a minimum of pharmaceutical and surgical interference. It’s about bringing “plant power” into your cellular “power plant” to maximize the life force inside the cells of your body.

1. Cellular Rejuvenation
2.The Shinya Little Fast
3.The Miracle of “Good Water”
4.The Plant Power Diet

Most Important is to learn to enjoy a sense of feeling hungry. Feeling hunger is an indication of intracellular detoxification.

You can maximize your energy for life by helping your body function the way nature intended it to. You can release your body’s natural vitality internally at the very level of your cells. The Shinya Biozyme will show you how to make this an easy practice.

Lack of vitality implies that something is hindering the activities of mitochondria in our cells. I call this something cell garbage. In order to restore the health of our cells it is necessary to clean out the cell garbage through the natural process of intracellular detoxification.

The Shinya Little Fast is the key to turning on the body’s own intracellular detoxification and recycling plant.

Shinya Little Fast
1. Don’t eat after 6pm.
2. Upon awakening the next morning drink 2-3 cups of good water  (Kangen water if you have access).
3. Eat a piece of whole fruit only.
4. Drink 2-3 cups of water before lunch.
5. Eat a light lunch such as miso or vegetable broth soup.